Mobile apps for education

Great mobile apps to use in an elementary classroom

DragonBox Algebra 5+

The DragonBox Algebra app is a math interactive app targeted toward elementary students learning basic Algebra. This app is great to use in a classroom that supports students with mobile technology because it's a more fun and interactive way for them so tackle math equations rather than on paper and they can even do the app anywhere and at home to practice and strengthen the Algebra learning even more and prepare them for tests based on Algebra.

Learn With Homer

Learn With Homer is a mobile phonics app made for pre school and kindergarten students who are learning how to read. It incorporates songs, drawings and subjects such as animals to help students read. This app can also be used in a classroom to read a book featured on the app and because it has an audio feature, students who are visually impaired can follow along.

iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

iWriteWords is a app to help students learn how to write, spell and the alphabet, and count, its good for kids with special needs and has dots to trace letters on to help them learn. The students will find this fun to use for spelling because each word they spell a picture to match the word appears. This can be good to help write in a classroom if the students use a stylus to write instead of their fingers.