Meet Cierra Conner!!

You get to learn all about me!

All about me.

Hey its your girl Cierra!! I am 14 years old.I have two older siblings,Cheyenne is my older sister she is 18, and Cayden is my older brother he is 17.I go to Talent Plus for cheer and tumbling.I love cheer/tumbling. I go to the gym 5 hours and 15 minutes a week. I'm at the gym more than my house.

What does it mean to be a leader?

I think a leader is someone to look up to,someone to learn from.

Famous Influential Leaders.

1. Justin Bieber

2. Haliee Steinford

3. Postive P

Leaders in My Life.

1. Cayden (brother)

2. Cheyenne (sister)

3. Ashely Elderedge (fav cousin/cheer coach)


Short Term Goals

1. pass 8th grade middle school

2. make high school cheer

3. get more tumbling skills


Long Term Goals

1.cheer scholarship to Texas Tech

2.Tech cheerleader a doctor