John Adams for president!

Can't choose who to vote for? need a reason? then read on!

All for one and one for all??

Strong national goverment? Limited options? I don't think so! Thomas Jefferson wants the state to have a say in our government which could help us all. If we were to have a strong national government, options would be limited, laws could be changed, but with a state ran goverment options can be weighed and we could see the side to both problems peacefully and orderly. Then each state could provide us what they really need vurses a goverment that is all for one and one for all! Just think about it you definetly won't regret it!

We need a say as well.

What if we were ruled by the wealthy? We probably wouldn't have a say in much of what's going on in our government would we? If we were ruled by the wealthy they would only choose things that could only help themselves and not us avrage everyday people. They may know more but, their selfish acts will get them no where politically. But us everyday avrage people would be sure to accomadate the needs of us both.

Freedom of speech? Where did it go?

"What about the alien and sedition acts?" You may be asking yourself. could you imagine if the we went through with the alien and sedition acts? What if our beloved family members would have to wait 5-14 years before they could become citizens of the united states? They couldn't vote or even worse they could be thrown in jail for no spicific reasons. But what about freedon of speech? We couldn't express our feelings about how our govenment is being ran, the president could throw an innocent man in jail just for expressing his feelings about how politics and the president. We shoudl be able to use freedom of speech without being terrfied of what we say or go through a politcal word check that checked everything we said to see if it fit the "rules".