The Most Important Invention Ever Created

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The most important invention is the computer because we use them for virtually anything including economy and its banking systems, computers affect us socio-culturally by being able to spread news and ideas and simply communicate with others, and finally, it helps us politically by simply organizing our government


Computers impact our economy in different ways for example our banking systems. it allows bank personnel to operate efficiently and effectively. without computers it would be very difficult to give out proper customer service. Also it helps banks save time and money therefore it also acts as an aid to generate profits. The computer also helps better our economy by allowing people with bank accounts to have electronic currency instead of having physical cash along with simply being able to have a better banking system. Most money is electronic currency and only about 8% is physical money.


Computers aren't only the things you use to browse the internet, but they are simply a device that is programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic and logical operations automatically. therefore they are in things we use in every day life, in our culture. Things we use on a daily basis that have computers in them are cars, tv's and even microwaves.
Computers that we use to browse the internet with can be used socially to allow us to communicate with other people around the world. So we can talk to family or just a friend. News and other information can be spread through the use of computers on the internet and make informational documents like this one, to educate students about different topics.