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Amendment 1

Freedom of Speach, Religion and Present Assembly

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The First Amendment

· Right of Americans to worship

o Freedom of region

o Separation of church and state

· Freedom of Speech

o Not unlimited

o Prohibits slander and libel

§ Slander – false speech intended to damage person’s reputation

§ Libel – false written or published statement intended to damage person’s reputation

o Limited to endangering Nation

o Right to assemble in groups

· Freedom of Press

o Expression of ideas, newspapers, radio, televisions, movies and the internet

o American Press not subject to: Prior Restraint-

§ Government cannot censor info before it is published or broadcast


The reason why we have the First Amendment is to provide freedom of speech, fair trials and freedom of religion. In England, people did not have freedom of speech and could not speak freely and did not have a trial or a religion.


In May 2010 a group of Muslums wanted to build a cultural center near the 9/11 site which started a huge fight. The Mayor of NYC allowed it because Amendment 1 allows freedom of speech and religion. According to ABC "

Opponents called it an "insult," "demeaning" and a "house of evil," but the angry protests did not stop an advisory board from approving plans to build a mosque and Islamic center two blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

In a heated, four hour meeting Tuesday night, Community Board 1, which represents the area of lower Manhattan that includes Ground Zero, voted 29-1 in favor of the proposal. There were 10 abstentions. At the raucous meeting, some relatives carried signs with the faces of 9/11 victims, reflecting still-raw emotions nearly a decade after the terrorist attacks.

"This is an insult," said one of the more than 150 people at the meeting. "This is demeaning. This is humiliating that you would build a shrine to the very ideology that inspired the attacks on 9/11."

Amendment News Network Opinion

According to us, we think that this Amendment is a great idea but, some people could take advantage of it. For example, some person could just yell bomb in an airport just to freak people out. We agree that we should be able to have all rights no matter on the religion.

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Amendment 2

Right to own a Weapon

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The Second Amendment

· Rights to own firearms

o Not to prevent congress from regulation interstate sale of weapons

o Not yet incorporated into state law


The Reason why we have Amendment 2 is so people can use a gun to protect themselves if they need to. We have had this concept since the Revolutionary War.


On Monday, President Obama talked about changing gun control due to all the shootings, for example, the shooting at Sandy Hook last month. According to CNN "(CNN) -- The gun lobby is "ginning up" fears the federal government will use the Newtown shooting tragedy, exactly one month ago, to seize Americans' guns, President Barack Obama said Monday." NRA said "Gun control will fail in Congress"

Amendment News Network Opinion

We don't agree with the Amendment 2 law because owning a gun or weapon could cause violence to many people. Even though it can protect you, it could also harm others. We think amendment 2 should be repealed like the 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment.

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