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December 18, 2020

Student Council Note-Spread Some Cheer!

The Student Council met and they need some help with a project they are working on! Students would like to "Spread some Cheer in the New Year" by making cards to send to individuals in the senior living communities in Northfield!

If you would like to participate, create a card with an uplifting and cheerful message in it. Remember that you will not know who will receive the card so you want to create something that could be given to anyone. Cards can be dropped off in the box at the front office at school. You can make AS MANY cards as you would like!

Please let Ms. Woodstrup or Mrs. Hall know if you have any questions.

Thank you, BW Bears for helping bring joy and happiness to others!

Returning to School In-Person

I know that Dr. Hillmann will be sending out an email outlining all the details for returning to school in-person. Here are the main points that you need to know:

  • Jan. 14-15: Planning Days for K-2 Teachers; no class for K-2 students
  • Jan. 19: K-2 students return to school
  • Jan. 27-28: Planning Days for Gr. 3-5 Teachers; no class for Gr. 3-5 students
  • Feb. 1: Gr. 3-5 students return to school
  • Childcare will still be offered Gr. 3-5 students until Feb. 1st

We will still be wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands frequently. Please let me know if you have questions.

Happy Holidays!

I wish you all the best over the holiday season! 2020 has been difficult and yet has made us remember how important people are. I have been able to relish in the fact that I get to see your children in childcare and on Zoom; they are such gifts that bring their magic every day.

I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with my family as well. I have my first college graduate in my house along with a new job, so this gives us so much to be thankful for!

Happy Holidays!!

Unplug and Talk

Winter Break is a good time for you and your children to unplug from electronics and either read, play games, create, develop a hobby, exercise or talk with each other. We are starting to see the unintended consequences of very young children spending too much time on electronics, and this is seen through the lack of language skills. Barney and Sesame Street used to have children singing and moving. This is very different from swiping on a tablet for hours. Electronics can be a good resource for learning, but too much time on them can be unhealthy. Ask your child to read to you while you are preparing dinner. Talk with your children at mealtime to find out what they are thinking and what they are grateful for each day. There are so many opportunities to read every day; take advantage of these moments. Take advantage of the winter wonderland that Minnesota offers by exploring the outdoors and trying a new outdoor activity.

Random Acts of Kindness

This time of year focuses a lot on giving. I find that performing random acts of kindness for others becomes a huge gift for both the recipient and the person performing this kind act. Random acts of kindness don't need to cost anything, but they sure mean a lot to others. It is worth millions to see the smile on someone's face when they receive the kindness. Many times your presence means more than a present.

Science-On Hold

Some of you have noticed that your child has not had science for a little while, and there is a reason for this. Mrs. Phenow is dealing with a family matter and is unable to be with us for now. She is not sick, but is just not able to join us right now. She will be back after Winter Break, and will slide right back into her schedule. She misses all of the students dearly and will be happy to see them when she returns! Thank you for understanding!

Message from the Northfield Library

Here is the message for families:

“Countdown to Noon”, I’m really just hoping folks will do it anywhere (don’t have to tune in to library on Facebook)—wouldn’t it be fun to “celebrate” the end of this challenging year “together” simultaneously as Northfielders?

First Chapter Fridays, Fridays at noon (or any time afterwards), December 11-February 26, on Facebook and YouTube

For elementary-aged kids. Listen to the first few chapters of a recommended book and decide if you want to read more! While these are "videos", there will be nothing to see beyond the book's cover, author information, and available formats. Take some time to just close your eyes, listen, and discover a great new read. Recordings will be archived on and on the library’s YouTube channel to listen to any time. We’re kicking things off with some of this year’s Maud Hart Lovelace nominees!

Countdown to Noon, Thursday, December 31, at 11:55 a.m. on Facebook

Who's ready to say a jubilant, hearty goodbye to 2020? Join library staff at 11:55 a.m. on December 31 live on Facebook at and countdown to noon (a tradition so younger kids can also celebrate "counting down to the new year"), shout "Happy New Year!", bang pots and pans, throw confetti, sing "Auld Lang Syne", and celebrate the start of something new! Let's make some noise for 2021, Northfield! (If you don’t want to join us on the library’s Facebook page, you can still participate wherever you are! How cool would it be for all Northfielders to celebrate “together”?

Thank you for considering! While I know some folks are tired of this phrase, I truly hope you and yours are doing well.

Emily Lloyd

Youth Services Librarian

Northfield Public Library

210 Washington St

Northfield, Minnesota 55057


A Note from Specials

Hello Bridgewater Athletes, Artists, Scientists, and Musicians!

Your specials teachers miss you and it was so great to see you over Zoom and your posts in Seesaw or Schoology this week in distance learning! Please remember we need you to come to your specials zoom on your assigned day and complete the activities in Seesaw or Schoology as soon as you can.

Below are the links to the specials zooms and they are posted by your classroom teacher everyday as well. Also, if you took home your specials bags please remember these need to come back to school when we return. If you need any supplies like paper, crayons, or markers please let Ms. Woodstrup know.

THANK YOU! Miss you tons!

Ms. Woodstrup

Mrs. Hummel

Mr. Mathison

Mr. Bernhard

Mrs. Phenow

Zoom links for BW Specials


Meeting ID: 941 036 1368 Passcode: science


Meeting ID: 207 227 3955 Passcode: 489295


Meeting ID: 871 1602 7637 Passcode: music

PE- Mr. Mathison

Meeting ID: 841 874 0899 Passcode: pe

PE- Mr. Bernhard

Mr. Bernhard's Phy Ed Link

Meeting ID: 228 208 9077 Passcode: 513212

Zoom Expectations for Students

Big picture

Upcoming Events

Nov. 23-Jan. 3rd---Distance Learning

Dec. 23-Jan. 3rd---Winter Break, No School for Students

Jan. 19---K-2 Students Return to School

Feb. 1---Gr. 3-5 Students Return to School

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