My Digital Dossier

My Dossier Life

When I was born!!

I was Born in 2002 Feb 11 my dossier life started all then. I came from my mom in a hospital in India. My parents celebrated that I was a boy and while that my dad was watching TV eating chicken wings. He messaged my moms mom and my moms bro. While I was born my records of me being born were made and told to the doctors and wrote down ALL my details my gender my name everything.

Here I Come Canada

When I was 6 I first came to Canada it was in march and my first time seeing snow for me it was really cool but later on I really got use to it and started to hate the cold. Right when I came I lived in a basement with my relatives then moved out to the a builder and then moved again and here I am in the building where Im typing this. All our information about my name passport and my address has been placed in documents.

Munden Park My new school

Even though Eden Rose was my first school I only stayed there for 3 months and then I came to Munden Park and stayed there grade 1-5. It was a really cool school and I really liked there. I had tons of friends and I even made a new Origami club which lots of people came in. It was filled with tons of joyness but I still hated school just to tiring. I didn't know much when I was in grade 1-2 so my Teacher Ms. Johal helped me i miss her every second.

Camilla! Ya!

I've really enjoyed Camilla after Munden park I came to Camilla and really its been lots of fun even til now I wanted to follow my sisters footsteps and I did I made it into Ace just not the grades part :/. Well really all til now I've used so much technology to play and study even at school I've made tons of accounts specially this year.
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