2019 Open Enrollment Announcement

November 5-16, 2018

Exciting Changes are Coming!

Open Enrollment will take place November 5-16 for 2019 Health Benefits (medical, dental, vision) as well as enrollment in voluntary benefits such as flexible spending accounts, supplemental life insurance, and optional short term disability, critical illness, accident, and universal life insurance through Allstate. All benefit eligible employees must make an active election during open enrollment – even if declining benefits.

For the 2019 coverage year beginning January 1, ZCS is pleased to announce the addition of the Eagle Plan. This is a consumer driven health plan with an HSA account. The Eagle Plan will replace the old Green Plan. The Green Plan will no longer be an option for 2019.

The Eagle Plan will have the same deductible and coinsurance as the 2018 Green Plan, but will operate as a Consumer Driven Health Plan with an HSA.

Consumer Driven Health Plans require the employee to pay all costs for medical treatment up to the deductible before the plan starts to pay. In-network preventative care is still covered at 100% and all visits to the employee wellness clinic are still free of charge. The costs associated with medical care are the responsibility of the member until the deductible is reached.

An HSA will be paired with the Eagle Plan. The HSA can be used to pay for expenses not covered by the Eagle Plan including expenses incurred prior to meeting deductible. An HSA is an account owned by the employee where the funds roll over from year to year. There is no use it or lose it provision. There is an annual limit to how much an employee may contribute to an HSA, but there is no limit to how much an employee may accumulate in an HSA from year to year. The HSA will be administered by The HSA Authority, a subsidiary of Old National Bank. Click the logo below to visit their website.

ZCS will be making an employer contribution to each employee’s HSA for 2019. For single coverage (which includes Employee Only coverage), $500 will be contributed in January 2019 and $500 will be contributed in September 2019. For family coverage (which includes Employee+Spouse, Employee+Child(ren), and Family coverages), $1,000 will be contributed in January 2019 and $1,000 will be contributed in September 2019. These contribution levels are for 2019 only. Employees may also contribute to the HSA through payroll deduction.

The Silver Plan is still an option.

Premium Rates will increase by 3% for 2019. Please watch for next week’s communication for specific premium rates for each plan and coverage level. Each week leading up to Open Enrollment, there will be additional communications sent and informative meetings at each building.