Grade 3 Newsletter Easter Term

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 20th March

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Next week our virtue is Forgiveness

Being forgiving is giving someone another chance after they have done something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of revenge, make amends. Forgive yourself too. Instead of feeling hopeless after a mistake, decide to act differently, and have faith that you can change.


This week we have been working on the Key Learning Goal of: gathering information from simple sources, including pictures, books and the internet.

We started off this topic by examining the contents of an old suitcase found on the Grade 3 corridor. This suitcase was full of evidence and contained lots of artefacts, photos and a diary; leading us to believe it may somehow be linked to Anne Frank. From this discovery, we discussed the types of evidence that enable us to find out about the past, including categorising evidence into primary and secondary sources.

Following on from this we focused on developing our research skills, including practicing extracting evidence from a photo source and also finding and sorting information in books and on the internet. We spent more time researching significant people and looked at using different sources to answer questions. Next week, we look forward to utilising our research skills as we move towards researching a significant person of our choice and explaining why they are significant.

Language Arts

This week We researched significant people, such as Martin Luther King, Helen Keller and John Lennon and presented relevant and interesting facts and statements about their lives. We learned through watching videos, using books, taking part in drama lessons and researching facts on the computer.

The grammar focus has been based on structuring good paragraphs and in Café we have been researching using the wonderful biographies from the library, picking out the key features of non-fiction texts.

If you'd like more practice at paragraphing try this game!

Next week we will have an exciting and productive week where we will be writing our own biography.

In spelling this week, we have focused on spelling tricky words with the suffixes -ible and -able. Next week, we will continue to develop our knowledge of suffixes as we focus on spelling words containing –tion and -sion.

Here are some optional games to help you practice words containing -tion and -sion.


Maths this week: This week in mathematics we have started our unit on Fractions. Students have learned how to identify the numerator and denominator as well as learning how to find equivalent fractions using multiplication and division.

Next week we will continue our unit on fractions and develop our skills of ordering, simplifying and finding equivalent fractions. We will also begin the process of learning how to add and subtract fractions.

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3KHa's Maths' Week project was collecting and recording data about everyones favourite pizza toppings

REFLECTION FROM 3TCo student: Arissa Meacham

In 'They Made a Difference' IPC unit we are learning that significant people are significant in many different ways. We have learned that they are not alone and someone was on their side. Significant people do things for people and for themselves. For example: Jane Goodle studies primates because they also have feelings. What I really enjoy most about this topic is that we are learning new facts about people and we are writing biographies about them.

Here is my one paragraph biography on Anne Frank.

Anne Frank was born in 1930. She had one older sister Margot. There was a new leader Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not want any Jews in Germany so he sent his soldiers to find them and send them to a camp. Anne Frank lived in Germany so she and her family and 4 strangers stayed in a secret room in Anne's dads office, it was called the Annex. For Anne's birthday she got a diary. She started writing a book. One day someone betrayed the Franks and told Hitler about the secret Annex. Anne Frank died at a camp in March 1945 when she was 15 years old. One day someone went to the camp and found Anne's diary. Anne's diary was published and now her diary is famous

Birthday celebrations

We love to celebrate special events with our friends and classmates at SJIIES. Often this means having special items come into school to honour the day. Treats are generously shared and joyfulness is spread. We would request parents to be mindful of dietary needs of all students in each class in addition to informing the teacher at least a day in advance that a treat will be brought in so as to plan accordingly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
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Home Learning

Maths homework to be allocated by the teacher.

IPC- Due Friday 27th March. Your task next week is to create a quiz about the person you have chosen to write a biography about in LA. Think of 10 questions you could ask a friend and write them in your homework book (remember, you must know the answer!) You could make the quiz multiple-choice and give 4 options for your answer. Try the quiz on a friend or family member, and see how much they know about your significant person.

Optional Extension: Think of a creative way to present your quiz!

Dates for the diary

Saturday 21st March - Chinese Camp, ES Hall, 8.30 - 3.30pm.

Friday 27th March - End of term, 3pm finish.

ICT Open Lessons:

TCo: Tuesday 14th April @ 2.00-3.00

KHa: Thursday 16th April 2.00-3.00

CMu: Thursday 16th April 9.20-10.20

SGe: Thursday 16th April 11.20-12.20

The Team

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