Alexis Medina

Airfare Cost and Schedule

To fly from Denver to Japan it will cost $2,439.40 for two people. There are two stops once in Salt Lake City, Utah and L.A. You leave Denver at 8:45 am on Tuesday April 15, 2014 and return on Monday May 19, 2014 at 6:44 pm. The trip there is 17 hours long and back is 18 hours and 4 minutes.



When you arrive in Japan you'll want to check in to your hotel. The best hotel to book is the Otani Tokyo Hotel. This 4.4 star hotel gazes over a majestic waterfall and includes room service. Room features incorporate beautiful views of Japan, flat screen t.v's, a table, and 1 or 2 beds to relax on after a hard day of walking in Japan. This lodging also possess's a large pool with lounge chairs enclosing it. It also has a workout room for daily excersising, and a resturant with a view looking over Tokyo to enjoy the beauty of the city. Outdoor attributes consist of beautiful gardens and a waterfall. This accommodation is $213 nightly. Expensive but worth the amazing service.



There are many attractions in Japan and one of those are the Shinjuku. The Shinjuku is a massive skyscraper district that was started in the 70's, and it's railroad section is one of the busiest, with almost 2 million passengers a day.

Also there is the Ginza Neighborhood. Ginza is the home to the fanciest stores and is where you'll find all of the big name luxury brands. This is a good place to shop if you like to be fancy and expensive looking.

Last if you want to get out of the city the top two destinations are Osaka and Kyoto. You can have your concierge help you get public or private transportation to get there. Kyoto is known world wide for cultural, archutectural and natural beauty. Osaka is home to Osaka Castle, one of the most famous attractions and rich in history and culture.


History and Culture


Tokyo was once a small fishing village named Edo. Edo was fortified by the Edo clan in the late twelfth century. In 1457 Edo Castle was built. In the subsequent period Edo became one of biggest cities in the world, with a population of one million in the 18th century. In 1868 the Meiji period began and Japan started to become a modern nation. In 1944 the Tokyo bombing killed 75,000 to 200,000 people, and half the city was destroyed. In 2011 the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami devastated most of the northeastern coast of Honshu.


There are many museums in Tokyo, the largest is the Tokyo National Museum. It features many traditional pieces of Japanese artwork. There are also many performing arts theaters, these include private and national theaters. The perform traditional as well as modern dramas. Orchestra's perform modern and traditional music. Tokyo has a large and diverse amount of sports. Tokyo is home to two professional baseball clubs. With the largest population Japan is home to many broadcast studios. Tokyo is the main settings for anime, t.v, and movies.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested


You lose your passport, drivers license, credit card ect.


Make extra copies of everything just in case you lose something of value.


Your lost and you don't know how to get help or you don't have a phone on you.


Learn how to say help and keep emergency phone numbers and phone (it doesn't have to be something fancy) on you on you at all times.

Here are some ways to avoid these problems.

Keep all personal info somewhere safe, if lost it can lead to identity theft.

Don't wear fancy, nice, or flashy clothing such as expensive jewelry or brand new shoes, this can lead to people stealing or pick pocketing you.

Hold all documents, ID's and money in different places like money in your front pocket, jacket pocket and other safe places just in case you run out. Keep your ID's and credit cards in your wallet in your front pocket or somewhere close to you.



There are many places in the world to choose from to go to as a vacation but I chose Japan. Though there are many flights to choose from, on the flight's I chose there are two stops one in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the next in L.A. The hotel I chose is a beautiful hotel and full of fun things to do. I chose to go to the Ginza Neighborhood, the Shinjuku, and Osaka or Kyoto, because they are just some of the many places to experience the nature and culture of Japan. It is always good to know the history and culture of the foreign country before you visit. Last you always should be extra careful in a foreign country just in case (you can never be to careful). Have fun and don't forget to buy souvenirs.