By: Abigail and Laodice

Being Filipino

The actual name of the Philippines is The Republic of the Philippines. The name of the people who come from philippines is Filipino and the name of the language is also called Filipino. The popullation is more than 76 million. The capital city is Manila.
THe major belief system is Roman Catholic. The size of the country is 115,860 sq miles. The country is next Philippines, and Indoneasia

Life In Philippines

Philippines has about 200 spices of animals and about hundreds of species of birds! Philippines is fully filled with sugar cane and corn field , and tropical forests too. There are beautiful beaches that surround Philippines.

Flag Meanings

The blue stripe means peace

The red stripe means bravery

The white triangle means the equalty of the filipino people

The 3 stars mean the 3 main religions

The eight rays of the sun mean the eight philippines provinces

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