Corey Beatty

Husband, Dad, Papaw, Pastor, Teacher

About Me

Lotsa folks identify themselves by their job, but I'd prefer not to. My faraway dreams don't involve thinking about work. I'm a Christian first (I'd better be), then a husband, dad, papaw and pastor long before I start thinking of my paying job as a school teacher.

Growing up I dreamed of being a Major League Baseball player, then a cowboy. Neither of those have worked out so far. I've occasionally thought about writing, but not too much. After working with kids for twenty-five years and the last four as a bivocational pastor in a tiny country church, my wife and I are starting to feel like our school days are winding down and hopefully our full-time ministry days are close ahead.

In our family, including Harriet, JR, Abigail, Thomas, Trace, Mamaw and Papaw, we like traveling, baseball, fishing, grilling, reading, movies and British TV. Our favorite sports teams, for the most part, include the Kentucky Wildcats, the Cincinnati Reds, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills and whatever team JR's playing on at the moment.

Our prayer is that we can continually grow closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever, amen.

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