The Artificial Leaf

Created By: Remy and Judith

This is the Artificial Leaf

An Artificial Leaf is a leaf which they make just like a real one but instead of using photovoltaic cell to make energy from the sun it deploys a hydrogen fuel cell to generate energy.

How it Works

A Leaf is made up of millions of silicone rods as thin as a human hair. In order to mimic the energy making process they must make silicone rods. The Artificial Leaf making process starts by taking a thin wafer of Silicone and breaking it up into small chunks and then baking them at 1,000 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes in gas containing silicone molecules. When they take the chunks out it has turned into millions of tiny silicone rods. On one side of the leaf the sun shines and knocks electrons into the atmosphere , The electrons travel down through the middle membrane of the leaf and meet up with electrons which previously were knocked off which creates hydrogen gas which is then collected in fuel tanks.


Some good things about this leaf are:

  • It is cheaper than most any other energy making system.
  • It works naturally.
  • And it is efficient.