Mrs. Gardner's Course Update

January 16th, 2015 (Issue 1)

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Check Your Grades: Grades Have Been Updated!

At each Assignment Due date, grades are updated by the teacher. Zeros are entered for any missing assignments from the student's schedule. Students and parents should view grades and notify the teacher of any issues. Students are encouraged to turn in missing work for partial credit according to GaVS late policy (see below.)

You will receive a course update email from me every two weeks, immediately after an Assignment Due Date.

Please read through the newsletter for helpful information.

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Video Explanation of My Course

How to Read Feedback:

Watch the video below to learn where to find teacher feedback. You'll also learn how to view your missed quiz questions and their correct answers to prepare for tests!

If you cannot view video: Click here to be directed to the original.

* Please note that this video references a Biology course, but the same method applies to English courses.

Viewing Assignment Feedback

Important News and Tips:

Have You Been Sick?

Not every sick day gets an extension. Read through the following newsletter for the sick day extension policy: Click Here

What Can I Do To Succeed?

Do you have questions about how you can improve your grade? Check out the following newsletters:

Did I Submit Work Correctly?

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