Ripley Central School Elementary

News and Information for our RCS families . . . . . . 4-1-16


The big news in Pre-K is our expedition! We read a photography book that showed photos representing numbers. We saw 1 fire hydrant, 5 trash cans, and 8 windows in a tall building. There were dots to represent the numbers.

After reading that book, our Pre-K scholars thought they could do something even better if they made their own book. We were so zesty as we discussed ways to show each number-- should we write them in the snow or make a number out of sticks? And we thought that Mrs. Stonefoot would like to see our number dots in a ten-frame, since that's how we do it in Math.

From there, our "Numbers In Nature" expedition was born.

We have been looking at nature scenes on our smart board and have practiced finding numbers different ways. A scene with a tiger might be "1 tiger," but it might be "2 eyes" or "4 legs," depending on how we compose our photograph.

Our next step will be to have an expert join us to talk about being a photographer and help us learn the finer points of using a camera. We will practice using cameras ourselves, and then will head outdoors to explore and record what we find.

Eventually, we will put the pictures together into a book. We also hope to invite our parents to see the results on our big screen as we present what we learned. For now, we are just so excited to use cameras and show our unique perspectives!

What an adventure!

Kindergarten Scholars

Our Kindergarten scholars have been busy bees learning to read tricky words in skills and all about kings and queens during Listening and Learning. In math, they are learning numbers larger than ten using place value. With spring comes an exciting Mother’s Day Tea program. Students will be singing and performing as their AMAZING mothers watch their wonderful show on May 6th! These kindergartners are eager for this special day!

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Second Grade

Mr. Sam Carris brought in some Rhode Island Red and Bantham chicks to share with 2nd grade students. Students were able to touch and hold a chick. That was very exciting!. Mr. Carris spoke about their lifecycle, the care , feeding, habits of chicks and how to raise them. He also discussed the colors of eggs and how to tell if the eggs we eat are fresh. This was our culminating event for our Listening and Learning Domain #6 on Cycles in Nature. A BIG thank you to Mr. Carris for sharing his expertise!

In celebration of Agricultural Literacy Week, Mr. Matt Overfield from The Cornell University Cooperative Extension visited 2nd grade! He discussed the topic of apples. We learned about different types of apples, their names, specific colors and the importance of apples to New York State agriculture. Mr. Overfield read 2nd graders a story called The Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara. He also shared an experiment demonstrating the scientific term of oxidation. We learned why apples turn brown and what can keep them fresh. We thank Mr. Overfield and The Cornell University Cooperative Extension for teaching us about apples and for visiting our classroom!

P.E. Update

Kindergarten through second grade has just started working on speed stacking. They are learning the vocabulary that is used in speed stacking and are practicing the different cycles while using two a hands. Third through sixth grade has just started working on Pickle Ball skills which include balancing the ball, volleying to their self, volleying against the wall, volleying with a partner, and serving underhand. In addition, end of the year fitness testing is almost here. Remind your child to be preparing for this in order to meet their fitness goals they created for themselves at the beginning of the year.

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Color Dash Update

The Color Dash will be here in May. We have a couple exciting things to announce. There is now a discount for students. Students that plan to register without other family members can take advantage of the $25 tier that has been added to our race, meaning any student can register for $25. So go to and look for our town.

There will also be a Chicken BBQ held after the color explosion that benefits the boys baseball team. We hope everyone can make it. Please share this news with your family and friends and get them all here for a fun filled Saturday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amanda Harrier (ext. 1171) or Brad Rowe (ext. 1172) at (716)736-2631. We look forward to seeing you!


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 5 - 7 ~ NYS ELA Exams, grades 3 - 6

Tuesday, April 12 ~ "Big Bad Wolf" at Shea Theater, Buffalo, K - gr. 2

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, April 13 - 15 ~ NYS Math Exams, grades 3 - 6

Friday, April 22 ~ Grades 4, 5, 6 to Children's Safety Village in Ashville, NY

Friday, April 29 ~ NO SCHOOL - Staff In-service Day

Tuesday, May 17 ~ Grades 1 & 2 to Children's Safety Village in Ashville, NY

Friday, May 20 ~ Grade 3 to Children's Safety Village in Ashville, NY

Wednesday, May 25 ~ Conservation Field Days, 5th grade