Room 6 Bimonthly Newsletter

April 14, 2014


Hello, Room 6 Families!

There are only five weeks of school left! This is Mrs. Doneda's first day back since she went on maternity leave. Room 6 is so happy to have her back!! This will be another transition for your sweet students after making the transition to having me in class. They are adaptable and have been so easy going about the whole process!

This week we are reading Baby Animals, Animals Born Alive and Well, and Chickens Aren't The Only Ones. This is perfect timing for our field trip to Washington Farms! We have been looking at a lot of books about farms in our library space as well as a few farm puzzles. We have also been talking about seeds and what they need to grow. We are getting really excited about experiencing all that Washington Farms has to offer. If you haven't yet sent in your field trip form, please do so as soon as possible!! We are also asking that you send in $10 to cover the cost of the field trip. Washington Farms does a great job of educating the kids about the life cycle of a strawberry. They talk about the whole process, from planting the seed to the growth of the strawberry! Perfect connection to what we have been learning in class!

It is still poetry month and we are still learning what kind of poems we can write! This week we are going to do some work with colors and how they make us feel. We will then work to write it and keep it as another piece of our poetry work. For example, "Blue makes me feel happy. Like blueberries, the sky, and blue Gatorade." We are excited to see what your students come up with!

Content Workshop is going well! The students seem to really be enjoying this new procedure and are always excited to be independent. If we have to miss a day, they are disappointed! That is great! They are really getting ready for kindergarten! We started new groups the middle of last week. Ask your students about the new groups! We also did an awesome experiment last Friday that I'm sure your students will have a lot to tell you about over the next couple of weeks. We are doing a seed experiment and will get to watch them grow!

Last Friday was my last day in Room 6. I have so enjoyed spending these last couple of months with your students and I'm really sad that I won't be seeing them every day. Thank you for partnering with me and being patient with me as I got used to Room 6. I have learned so much from your sweet students and I am so grateful for the experience. You have the BEST kids and I am grateful that you shared them with me.

Ms. Haley

What's Next?

April 16 Washington Farms Field Trip!! Please let us know if you can be a chaperone!

April 25 P.A.C.T.