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This food web shows the role played by invertebrates (animals without backbones), such as mayflies and stoneflies, in freshwater ecosystems. The arrows indicate what eats what. Invertebrates feed on living and dead plant matter, and on each other. Invertebrates are an important link in the food web as they convert the energy in plant and other organic matter into protein (their own bodies). This allows larger predators such as fish to live in fresh water as they feed on the invertebrates.

Everyday in Freshwater!

This occurs in freshwater food web.

How humans effect freshwater!


  • The creation of dams and water-diversion systems blocks migration routes for fish and disrupts habitats.
  • Water withdrawal for human use shrinks and degrades habitats.
  • Runoff from agricultural and urban areas hurts water quality.
  • Draining of wetlands for development depletes habitats.
  • Overexploitation and pollution threaten groundwater supplies.
  • Invasion of exotic species can harm native animals and plants.
  • Global warming may lead to devastating floods and droughts.


  • Restrict the construction of dams.
  • Provide incentives for farming business to reduce the use of pesticides.
  • Establish protected wetlands areas.
  • Regulate water withdrawal for human use.

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