Suamico Staff News

Week of February 17-21

Ryan's Schedule This Week:


All Day - Lean Project Facilitator (SU Conference Room)

4:00 pm - LEAN Planning with Dennis Krueger

Tuesday - Jump Rope for Heart

7:40 am - PLC Guided Reading Study (Library)

Lunch Hour - Soup and Salad Lunch (thanks, Cathy Yurk!)

3:30 pm - Collaboration with Lisa Hallam

Wednesday - Jump Rope for Heart

All Day - Lean Project Facilitator (SU Conference Room)

Thursday - Panther Pride Day

9:15 am - Leaders PD Meeting (TLC)

2:00 pm - LEGO group

4:00 pm - Parent / Teacher Conferences (SU)

Friday - READ T-Shirt Day

8:00 am - 21st Century Skills Meeting (TLC)

PM Bus Duty

2/17 to 2/21 - Nyquist

2/24 to 2/28 - Werlein

3/3 to 3/7 - White

Pledge Schedule

Upcoming Pledge Schedule

2/17 to 2/21 - Hallam

2/24 to 2/28 - Hanson

3/3 to 3/7 - Maher

Next Guided Reading Study

The next Guided Reading Study will take place in the library on Tuesday, February 18 from 7:40-8:25 am during PLC time. Please bring your Jan Richardson book!

Katie McKy

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for your part in our great week with Katie McKy. She certainly brings out the best in us, gets us to do some crazy things and helps to build a love for writing. I thought that having Katie here was an invaluable experience for our students and staff. I appreciate you all playing along nicely during some of her crazy antics (enjoy the picture of Tricia and Stacey who were dogs in Katie's story with kindergartners).

I will be putting together a presentation for the PTO to thank them for their investment in Katie McKy. If you have pictures or videos to share, please put them in the following folder: M:/SU:/2013-14 Files/Welnetz / Katie McKy. Thanks!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Reminder: Parent/Teacher Conferences take place on Thursday, February 20 and Tuesday, February 25 from 4:00 - 7:30 pm. All students have been scheduled for conferences in your classrooms. Please stay focused on maintaining a strong relationship with parents to ensure student success. The partnerships we have with parents are critical to our overall success.

PTO will be serving dinner to staff starting at 3:30 pm on both evenings!

Blue Ribbon Celebration

Our school-wide Blue Ribbon Celebration will take place on Friday, March 14 at 10:00 am. This event will be for our students and invited guests. Details will be out in the next day or two about the event and your part in it. We plan to incorporate quite a bit of video into the celebration, so Nate Smithson and I will be videotaping students and staff over the next 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for your help!

Upcoming - Educator Effectiveness

Upcoming for Educator Effectiveness

IF THESE AREN'T COMPLETED YET, YOU WILL NEED TO DO SO ASAP! Please see me if, for any reason, you need an extension. Thanks!

Due by February 15 - Mid-Year SLO Review. See e-mail sent by me on January 2. Your mid-year SLO review should discuss what your team has done to address the goal AND how you have addressed the goal in your own classroom.

Due by February 15 - Student / Client Survey (2nd time). Click here for a video that explains this.

Please see Ryan if you have questions.


LEAN Project

Dennis Krueger and I are leading a LEAN project to explore process improvements for REGISTRATION. We will be focusing specifically on the "yearly updates" registration process...the process that all families have to go through each year to update their family information, pay fees and fill out forms.

The LEAN project, the district's 8th overall, is focused on process improvements. The project will take place at Suamico Elementary in the conference room on Monday February 17, Wednesday February 19 and Wednesday February 26. As I am co-facilitating the project, I will not be available during these three days. About 15 people are involved in this project from various parts of the district.

Accessing Data

I will be updating data as soon as it is available. As a reminder, you can easily find our data worksheets by going to my website:, clicking on "For Staff" and clicking on "Assessments" (remember that the "For Staff" section of my website is password protected - type in "panthers").