Tier 2: Weekly Check In

When: Once per week from 8:35 to 8:55

This will begin this Thursday, November 13th.

Where: Cafeteria

Students will report to the cafeteria after exiting the bus. If your child eats breakfast, no problem! They can grab it and meet us at our table.

With Who: Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Palmer, or Mrs. Stambaugh

Each of us will check in with about 3 students weekly.


As you know your child is using the B.O.B. for homework, organization, and planning this year. This is considered a Tier 1 intervention for all students at Longbranch. Now that we have concluded one quarter, we would like to begin Tier 2 with selected students. Many different factors were considered when determining who would benefit from Tier 2: teacher referral, missing assignments, organization of B.O.B., grades, and STAR scores.

Your child will complete a checklist weekly that will help us guide our time during check in. We will discuss: missing homework/assignments, B.O.B. organization and clean out, backpack and desk organization.

We hope that this Tier 2 B.O.B. intervention will increase your child's academic and personal independence success.