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September 2015

Literacy Tweets on the Fly!

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This section of the newsletter will always contain important information that we have to share with you on the fly. Please make sure to read it and refer to it throughout the month. This will allow us to spend our monthly Literacy Tweets PD Meetings discussing curriculum and instruction practices that will best benefit all our young cardinals.
1) Professional books will be located in the SC library for you to check out. As soon as the barcodes have arrived and the books have been processed, they will be ready for you to checkout.

2) Reading A-Z passwords: Be sure to check your email and spam mail for your Reading A-Z account information. We have your existing user name and password if you need it.

3) Searching for books: if we don't have it on campus & we would like to have it, we will start a list to possibly order for next year

4) Kindergarten: Keep working on the SCE (State Compensatory Education) checklist to identify Kindergarten friends who might be at-risk.

5)TPRI testing window:

First & Second: September 14-25

Kindergarten: October 5-16

Please update your six weeks running record report at the end of each six weeks. We shared a blank report sheet with you for each of your ELA classes. You can click on the button below to see an example of the report.
Publication is so important for our young writers. Writers are motivated to complete their projects when they know a real audience exists for them. There are several ways to publish both big and small. Click on the button below to see the different ways to publish. You will also notice that I have set up Writing Partnerships for each teacher. This will give our writers a chance to read their published pieces to other writers in our school. Please get with your writing partner soon to talk about how often your classes will meet.

September Meet & Tweet!

September Literacy Tweets PD Meeting

Friday, Sep. 18th, 8am

Spring Creek Elementary Room 609

Our Agenda

  • How's it going?
  • LLI Documentation
  • Curriculum Resources

Literacy Link of the Month

If you have not discovered The Poem Farm yet, you must check out the link below! This happens to be one of my all time favorite sites to support young readers and writers. Enjoy!
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Teaching Tip of the Month


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Hedbanz is a fun activity to build comprehension and support vocabulary throughout all content areas. For older readers, you can have students read a short passage or text and then have them write what they believe is the most important part of the story on a sticky note. Of course you can always set the purpose for your reading depending on the strategy or skill you are covering. Once the student has a word or phrase from the reading written on a sticky note, they place the sticky note on their partner's forehead and begin questioning them about what might be written on the partner's sticky note. Each partner could give clues as to what information might be on their sticky note. To simplify this for younger writers, you may want to use picture cards or write one word on a sentence strip and have partners give clues about the picture or word. This activity could be used for math, science or social studies as well to help students practice learning concepts or content specific vocabulary. Check out the links below for more ideas.


Spring Creek ELA Folder

Click on the button below to view a Google folder that contains important ELA documents. This will be a go-to spot when you are needing information regarding district and school ELA information. More helpful documents will be added soon!

Spring Creek ELA/Math Calendar

Stay up to date with ELA & Math meeting and assessment dates. Click on the button below to take a peek at what's ahead!