San Francisco

the famous city with the Golden Gate Bridge

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Welcome to the beautiful city: San Francisco!

Let 's take a look at some cool sights!

History of San Francisco

At first, San Francisco was Spanish! From 1776-1821 San Francisco was ruled by Spain!

In 1821 Mexico took over San Francisco. That lasted until 1848. Then San Francisco became what it now is: Welcome to the United States!

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Burma Superstar Restaurant

Friday, Feb. 19th, 7pm

317 Clement Street

San Francisco, CA

Want a reservation? Call here: +1 415-387-2147

More information at:

This restaurant is open every day. But if you want a place to sit down, you should make a reservation.


San Francisco uses the Dollar (USD) as currency. If you come from Europe, 1 Euro is in San Francisco is about $1.1325 Dollar.
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In San Francisco everyone drives on the right of the road.

In San Francisco they still use a Cable Tram! This tram is really old and is the symbol for San Francisco! Taking a ride on a tram is recommended!

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Films or Series Locations

There are quite a bit of Film locations in San Francisco. I'm going to name only a couple of them!

Godzilla was filmed in San Francisco! In the film, you could see the San Francisco Skyline!

In: Hulk was San Francisco to be seen too! The film was filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Godzilla - Official Main Trailer [HD]
Hulk (Trailer 2003)
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There are some good Hotels in San Francisco! Here are some options!

1. Hotel Zephyr. Hotel Zephyr is a nice hotel. It is a good option if you are going to stay in San Francisco for a while!

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2. Courtyard San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf. Fisherman's Wharf is a beautiful hotel to stay for a single day. It is not very expensive and you will really enjoy your stay!

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Thanks for reading my flyer! I hope you enjoyed! Have fun in San Francisco!