Dewey Decimal Classification System

By Georgia and Ashleigh

What is the Dewey Decimal Classification System?

The Dewey Decimal Classification System or DDCS was created by Melvil Dewey to help librarians sort out their libraries to make it easier for the public to find the book they desire. Melvil couldn't stand having an untidy library so he decided to invent the DDCS to help him sort out the books into sections eg. 000- generalities,100-philosophy and psychology, 200-religion, 300-social science and so on.

Sections of the Dewey Decimal Classification System

000-Generalities 100-Philosophy and Psychology
200-Religion 300-Social Science
400-Language 500-Natural Science and Mathematics
600-Technology (applied science
700-The Arts
800-Literature and Rhetoric 900-Geography and History