Mrs. Edwards' 5th Grade News

5th graders have SWAG-Success. Willpower. Attitude. Goals

What we are studying in class...

Reading- Literature Stations, Reading Non Fiction, Greek and Latin word parts

ELA- persuasive writing/Daily grammar/ content vocabulary from Social Studies

Science-Jet Toy project and Motion Vocabulary

Social Studies- Starting Chapter 8

From our SDOC...

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is that time of year when illness is in full force. Our nurses are seeing varying degrees of sickness such as strep throat, GI viruses and the dreaded flu. We understand that a child cannot learn if he/she feels bad, therefore our school district is taking steps to control the spread of illness in our schools by:

· Encouraging frequent and correct hand washing—particularly after sneezing or

coughing, before and after eating, after sensory play and after going to the


· Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the commonly touched surfaces throughout our schools on a routine basis

· Notifying parents immediately if their child has become ill while at school or if he/she arrives at school ill.

· Isolating the child promptly in a separate, supervised area, away from others, until they are picked up by the parent/guardian

· Ensuring ill children are excluded from school for the recommended length of time

· Working closely with DHEC and following up-to-date control measures.

We ask that you assist us in the following areas:

· Please keep children home until they are fever-free for 24 hours without taking medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) to reduce fever.

· If your child’s primary care provider has written a note for your child to stay out of school, please keep him/her at home for the full period that the doctor has requested. Your child should feel well enough to participate in activities before returning.

Per recommendations of CDC, we will send students home:

· With fever that is above 100.0 during the flu season. (We will resume the district policy of 100.5 after that time.)

· Vomiting/Diarrhea

Your child must remain at home until he/she has gone for a 24-hour period without fever, vomiting, diarrhea or if your primary care provider has requested a longer length of absence from school.