Child Labor Good or Bad?

When is the line drawn amid okay and not okay child labor?

What is child labor?

  • Someone working under the age of 15.
  • One third of parents handed kids over
  • 86% of 229 girls
  • 250 million kids age 5-14- (61% Asia, 32% Africa, 7% Latin America and Carribian)
  • elementary age not allowed to work- if dangers health
  • the labor could be traditions, lack of education, or because of a developing area
US Commits $10-Million to Combat Child Labor in Cocoa Fields

There are many dangers to child labor, here are just a few...

  • girls become frightened to go home- afraid of 'aunties'
  • shouted at
  • 14-18 hours per day
  • they don't get a lot of food
  • bad treetment form their 'employers'
Many Families Depend on Forced Child Labor

How could child labor be good? You may ask.

  • Sometimes developing nations need the extra help from children
  • kids need the work to survive
  • children require less pay than adults
  • kids are more docile
  • countries defend child labor as a necessity

Boys in child labor

Boys usually get the agricultural and fishing things like

  • harvesting crops
  • going fishing

Two real stories of girls who were forced into child labor

"One day, I was coming back from the market crying because a gang had beaten me up and taken all the money I'd made from selling iced juice. A man proposed to give me the money I must give to my auntie but I had to stay with him for a while before returning home. He abused me sexually. He always wants the same thing. Another day, he paid for the whole tray of fruits I was selling, and I had to do the very same thing. I fled from my auntie and found refuge with a Gabonese woman."

[Another girl said:] "I couldn't sell of lot of fruit that day. I went back home and my auntie beat me because I didn't bring enough money. I ran away to cry behind the house. A man proposed that I spend that night with him and he would pay my auntie the money I owe. The following day, he brought me to a station where we took a bus for Equatorial Guinea [western Africa]. I worked a lot on a plantation and also acted as his wife. One day, I fled by going through the forest until Libreville [Gabon]. From there I was brought back to Benin."...

What else do kids in child labor do?

  • 150000 work in heat- orange season, 12hours, 6month
  • mining-one in every five girls and one in every six boys

My thoughts on the topic. (Answer to E.Q.)

I personally belive that not all child labor is bad. I think the line is drawn right when the kid is forced or the job endangers their health.


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