Nixon Elementary Mid-Week Update

November 25, 2020

CRCSD Waiver Has Been Approved

This update comes to you earlier than is typical. I want to be sure to communicate the updates to our building, which will be effective Monday November 30th, due to the approval of the waiver to extend remote instruction for our in person learners from November 30-December 11. The waiver was approved on Tuesday afternoon at 1:28pm, making it official that we will remain remote on November 30th. Please take a moment to read the update from our Superintendent Dr. Bush by clicking here.

With the extension of remote learning for our in person families, we have made some slight changes to our building schedule based on recommendations from our district. We will continue to have live announcements starting at 8:50 daily (to join your child can click on this link), and lunch will remain from 11:30-12:50 so families can get to food sites, eat, and have a recess before returning to our afternoon of learning. The largest change starting on Monday November 30th is that we will move back to a full day schedule (8:50-3:50).

What this means for families is that some of our specials and classroom small group times may have shifted, but we will continue to support your child with moving from group to group via Google Meet/Zoom and Go Guardian.

I have fielded many concerns from families regarding the length of the school day for learners--6 hours a day on a computer is a lot and the days can be quite long (especially for some of our youngest learners). While we aren't able to modify our schedule (all elementary schools in the district are engaging learners from 8:50-3:50), teachers will continue to build in breaks and tasks for learners to complete away from their devices. This may look like free choice centers/play, independent reading, or more project based learning activities. The activities will require children to return back to their virtual classroom (Google Meet or Zoom) after the independent time is over, but our goal is to give children the chance to step away from the device and give themselves (and their brains) a break from the computer/iPad.

You can help support your child with balancing screen time outside of school hours by encouraging them to step away from their device over lunch time and after school is finished for the day. One suggestion might be to have children shut down their computer at the end of the school day and plug it in for the night. I would also recommend setting a timer for "screen free time" and have your child play a game, with their toys, or maybe out in the snow before turning on the TV or video game system. If you're looking for some easy suggestions, check out this quick read about balancing screen time for children to get you started.

As always, I am so appreciative to all of our Nixon learners, staff, and families for their hard work and dedication this year. For our in person learners, please keep an eye out for updates from our district about any changes to our instructional format. For our always-remote learners, I hope that you continue to have success in your learning after the break.

Happy Thanksgiving Nixon Family--

Jeni Goebel, Principal

Nixon Elementary

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