RRSD Community Update

January 7, 2022

COVID-19 Updates!

Dear Staff and Parents,

A surge in COVID-19 cases in our region is impacting RRSD schools. Our commitment is to keep our doors open so that students can remain on site all day, every day. We continue to use a layered mitigation protocol to improve safety for staff and students so that we can keep our doors open. This protocol includes rapid testing for any symptomatic students or staff, quarantine and isolation for sick or exposed individuals, masking, social distancing, air purification, and a strong emphasis on hand washing and sanitizing. We have been very successful at preventing transmission of illness while at school due to these protocols.

Despite our success at preventing transmission in our schools, students and staff can still be exposed in school and outside of school. As staff experience COVID-19 related absences from exposure or illness, we are juggling remaining staff to cover for those who are out. There could come a point where it is not viable to have students here if we don't have enough staff to adequately serve them. If it comes to a point where we have to temporarily shut down a school or schools due to lack of staffing, we will do our best to communicate this to you as early as possible and as clearly as possible.

As a reminder, you can help us keep our doors open for our students by doing the following:

  • Do not come to school or school events if you have any signs of sickness.

  • Screen your child every day. Do not send them to school if they have any signs of sickness.

  • Honor masking and social distancing guidelines when at the school or school sponsored events.

  • Remind your child of the importance of good hygiene, proper mask wearing, and social distancing.

Thank you.