Cri-du-chat syndrome

By Trystey Carmack

some basic information about Cri-du-chat

With the cri-du-chat part of you gene's is missing. When you have a child and you are afraid your child might get cri-du-chat the chances are very very low. The ration is 1:25000 or 1:50000. Did you know that its more common for girls to have cri-du-chat than boys? The ratio is 3:2 so the girls its 3 to 2 boys.

The characteristics of Cri-du-chat

There are a lot of things that people have seen and come up with for cri-du-chat syndrome. Some of the ones that you will find are, the baby most of the time have low birth rate, they even require help feeding. As the kids grow older they might have problems swallowing. Things they will always have is a high pitched cat like cry, thou it will be a lower tone as they age. Some facial characteristics is small resided chin, widely spread eyes, low set ears, and folds of skin over the upper eyelid. When a child with cri-du-chat syndrome grows up some other characteristics that may happen are, hearing problems that sometimes requires hearing aids, low muscle tone, drooling a lot but this can be fixed with surgery, and feeding troubles, may not want to eat anything.

What causes down syndrome?

Part of chromosome number 5 is missing. But is it very rare for someone to get down syndrome.


There is no cure for cri-du-chat syndrome but there are treatments you can go through to make life somewhat easier. Somethings that you can do for treatment is physical therapy, speech therapy, and some surgeries fix drooling, and muscle tone therapy

other fact about cri-du-chat

there is no true life span for people with cri-du-chat but the oldest recorded person lived to be in her 80's