Southwest Stock

By: Zac Zeigler, Brady Smith, James Belcoff, and Aaron Smith

Inside Scoop on Southwest

LUV is the stock tag for our stock which is Southwest Airlines. Southwest is an international airport that has been around since March 15,1967. It has a total of 93 offices, with it's main office right here in Dallas, Texas. Southwest's stock has been increasing over the past year with it's current trade at $43.24. Southwest is not currently coming out with new products. Southwest isn't planning on merging with any companies in the future, but they recently merged with AirTran.We decided to invest in Southwest because the stock is increasing and the price is cheap per share. Whenever the stock decreases, it decreases slightly and the price is consistent at $43.41. We will invest $5,000 in this stock.

Southwest's High/Low/Close over the past month

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Southwest Volume over past month

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Money Made from Banks Interest

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We will gain an interest on the money we put in the bank which is $5,000 gaining approximately $4 a month.