Lavignedale is an environmental, healthy and safe city

Why it's important for Lavignedale to be sustainable?

Pollution is now all over the world, it's destroying our health and our environment. A lot of things we are using that cause pollution,some of these things are cars, factories, constructions and so on. Having a healthy environment can solve most of the diseases that we have in our community it will also solve the ozone layer issue and it won't destroy animals habitat and ecosystems. But, if we keep causing this pollution we might not survive in this world. That's why it's really important to have a sustainable city that we can live happily and safely in with no diseases, pollution and bacteria. In Lavignedale we don't want all that pollution we want to have a safe and healthy city to be sustainable.

Urban land uses in Lavignedale

- Residential: The residential density in Lavignedale is medium and there are town houses, low rise apartments that don't take much time in building and that save space for animals habitat.

-Transportation: There are a lot of transportation services in Lavignedale like sidewalks, roads, subways, railroad tacks, freight yards and small airports. All transportation services are electric and work on solar energy because we want stop burning fossil fuels that cause pollution.

-Institutional: Schools, hospitals, government offices, and other occupied buildings are small and do not have a big number of people also for saving space and for not destroying the ecosystems in the area.

-Open space: In Lavignedale, there is a lot of open space that is just nature, green land, parks, playgrounds, and ponds because we need fresh air that is clean and healthy with no bacteria in it away from all the buildings and just nature.

-Industrial: All the Factories, industries, and warehouses in Lavingedale are in an isolated place away from the residential area and animal habitats, only workers go there. Also, few of them burn fossil fuels some of them are just recycling and working on solar power.

-Commercial: We have a lot of Shopping centers, groceries , trading goods and services, and other entertainments but they're not too big or small buildings just medium. All lights and electric things in those places work on solar energy.