Education In Italy

By: Cara

Elementary or Primary School

Primary School is for children ages 6 to 11 years-old. This schooling last about 5-years. After Primary school, students must take examinations to enter a 3-year junior high-school. Students in Italy attend school six days a week. School days start at 8:30 am an end at 1:30 pm. School years goes from September until Mid-June. Source

Middle School

Students start Middle School at the age of 11. Students attend at least 30 hours of formal schooling per week. Many schools provide additional activities in the afternoons. Formal lessons cover a broad range of subjects following a National Curriculum set by the Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, MPI. Source

High School

There are two types of high schooling in Italy. The Liceo (like a british grammar school). This schooling is more academic in nature and an Isituto, which is essentially a vocational school. source

Classical High School

This last for 5-years and prepare the students for the university level of studies.During the last 3-years philosophy and history of art are studied. Source