From Sugarcane to Sugar

By: Mckenna Sheets


Sugar is sweets, but but where does it come from? Read this to find out!


Did you know that ounce sugarcane is 20ft tall it is ready to be harvested? And there harvested by big machines that look like combines. And, next it is shipped of to the mill or factory. Wow! Isn't this cool?


Of course they have to wash it first. Next it is cut up into small pieces the stock. Sugar doesn't have fibers because they have to remove it. Once it is crystallized it is crushed by rollers to get out the juice. Next the crystals are sized by screens. So after all of that they need to wash it again. Next they send it to the refiner. They will send it back and store it in large bin or containers to dry. Later they package it up or put it in foods. Next they send it off to the store.


Now it is ready for customers to buy. People can buy it for different reasons! They can buy it in foods or in jars or packages. Then the journey is over.

Fun Facts

Do you wan't to hear some fun facts? Did you know that there is no bleaching or chemicals added? And it needs strong sunlight, good soil, and lots of water to grow! And it could be a sugar beet. Guess what! If food has to much sugar eating to much of it can give you a SUGAR RUSH! Those were some fun facts, right?


Now that you know where it comes from are you ready for a nice, sugary treat?
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