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Reaching out her hand

Closing it slowly, he said: I hope you find what you’re looking for. It was a curious statement. She frowned, thanked buy twitter followers him, took her passport and walked through the open door. The dream faded back into harsh light. She screwed her eyes up hung-over. She remembered who she was again. Evie. She spoke as she lay horizontal on the floor, her face in the dirt. Evie Lucas. Fragments of pictures floated through her mind. The picture of a perfect modern family.

A mother. A father. A sister. A sudden image of a photograph blew into her head. Moving with the breeze, it rocked from side to side. A photo of her with her hand in another’s, except now that individual was replaced by others– all moving, faces swimming into others– parents, friends, sister, acquaintances, people from back home, people she had met here. It ended in a final image of her hand in that of man’s. Caleb. She remembered. A beautiful smile. An engaging voice. All that blond hair, those gorgeous green eyes.

It had buy twitter followers been good a few days ago. Laughingly good. She had smiled. She had lived. Living her life had been great. And then, as the world turns, it had turned wildly. She could see their faces again. A journey so clear in abstract flashes. Villages passed through in haste. Frightened faces. Screams. Grasped hands in buy twitter followers reassurance. Escape ringing out. Panic. Terror. Gunfire. Pain. Reaching out, reaching out, and clutching air. A ghost. A man who held a gun in his hand, an unkind smile. Eyes and a gun in her face. Threats and finally fear.

Terrible, terrible fear. Fade out. Fade in nightmare. The creaking bus was lurching from one side of the road to the other. It was heightening the tension, the feeling of inescapable fear. These people, all these people, all running for their lives. All heading for the border away from the running conflict of the streets of the capital. Within hours, the calm yet chaotic suburbs of Kaiandi, the capital, were street wars, seemingly overnight. Resurrected factions of nightmares past rampaged the city. All intent on retribution and damage. Payback for years, decades, centuries past.

The heavy toll of history, unforgettable history. buy twitter followers Civil unrest. Murder. Abductions. Justice. Sexual violence. Indeterminate vigilantism. Gangs all looking for an edge. Foreigners targeted to die or suffer. They all dared an answer from the West– who wants to challenge us? People trapped. Innocent vulnerable people with no interest in money, history or power. Communities, strangers and visitors. Free thinkers, workers and travellers. Africans and foreigners. And Evie Lucas, and her family. Evie looked up from the juddering floor of the bus to see her mother squarely and buy twitter followers securely holding on to her sister. Seven year old Ellie. Eleanor. Her irritating and irritable sister. That worried smiling face gripping tight. A green frog under her arm.

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