Tyler Gorman

Senior 2014

A little bit about myself.

My name is Tyler and I have gone to belton my whole life. I enjoy sports more than anything else. I have played football for 12 years and this will be my 13th and probably final year playing. I have wrestled for 4 years in additon to playing football.

My Family

I dont usually talk to my famlly much, my sister is 28 and already moved out. My mother is a single mother and has been most of my iife. My father was sentenced to 16 years in federal prison when i was 2. I have some family in Arizona also.

My Future

When i grow up i plan on being involved in football some way or another. Im going to Northwest Missouri State after graduating high school.

My Summer

My Summer consisted of a trip to ohio to visit a close friend, and football just about every day.

Activities I am involved in

I am a 3 year varsity starter for the football team. I'm also a 3 year starter on the wrestling team.