The Big City Right in Front of You

Its Like Your a Needle In a Haystack

The Suburbs Vs The City

Going to the suburbs, you'll see a lot of housing subdivisions and a lot of small business and maybe some plazas and shopping center. But going to the city you'll see a lot of 80 story skyscrapers and a huge amount of traffic. For Toronto, it's always worth going through the traffic to get to places like the Eaton center and even the CN tower for those things there's always parking somewhere in Toronto. Money is another thing, for example, go to the suburbs and parking's free but in the city its 10-30$.

Commercial Land Use

People love to shop in Toronto and there's so many places to too. There is places like the Dufferin Mall, the Yorkdale shopping center, and the biggest and best mall in Toronto is the Toronto Eaton Center. The Toronto Eaton Center is pretty well known in Toronto with a big food court and tons of different stores, over 230. You could say that its a land mark or a attraction for Toronto.
This is Toronto, Canada

2015 Pan American Games

Tuesday, July 7th 2015 at 9pm to Sunday, July 26th 2015 at 11pm

Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto, ON

There are many Commercial events that go on in Toronto including the 2015 Pan American Games.