Biology and Dissection Software

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Genetic Fruit Fly and Dissection Simulations - Site License now under $180 (See below)

Save money and provide a highly interactive educational experience for students. Breed fruit flies with eMind Fly Demo. This lab includes F1, F2, Sex-linked, and Dihybrid crosses. Dissection animals included: Frog (eMind Frog Demo), Lamprey, Shark, Perch (eMind Fish Demo), Fetal Pig (eMind Pig Demo), Cat (eMind Cat Demo), Sea Star, Earthworm, Crayfish, and Squid, (eMind Invertebrate Demo). All include Student Lab Reports to document their progress. Most include open-ended MiniLabs to allow students to investigate animal physiology.

A Biology Course on the web with eMind Course Builder and Biology Tutorial Series

The eMind Tutorial Suite lessons are highly interactive and adaptive. Users progress through each unit at their own pace and are directed forward through the lesson, or back to review, based on their responses to questions. Course Builder (Demo) allows teachers to create customized lessons using any combination of the 32 different units. Pretest and post test scores can be saved and displayed.

Sample Biology Tutorials - Increase student understanding and raise test scores.

Fall Sale

Just go to enter the promo code 'Fall' and save 10%. This lowers the annual site license for any of the dissection simulations to under $180! This offer is valid through October 31th 2016.