Hydro energy

BY:hilldan and helal


Hydro energy is electrical energy generated when flowing water from rivers, steams or waterfalls is channelled through water turbines. The pressure of the water makes the turbine blades turn. When the turbine blades turns it turns an electrical generator, when the generator turns it makes electric.

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World wide, Hydropower plants produce about 24 percent of the worlds electricity and supply more than i billion peoples power. More than 2,000 power plants operating in the united states, which makes Hydropower the countrys largest renewable energy.

Lake Carnegie

Place: 14 mile creek

population: 22,262,501

Land area: 7,741,220

Capital: canberra

Lake carnegie covers an area about 570,000

Australias hydro energy

Australia is a very dry contenent, with over 80 percent of its landmass and recieving low rainfall of less 600mm per year. Australia has more than 100 hydroelectric power stations and installs 7800 megawotts. They are mostly in New South Wales (55 percent), The snowy Mountains hydro electric has capacity of 3800 megawotts it is the hardest hydroelectric schemes in the world.