Be Classy Lessons

Don't be Rachet. Be Classy.

Learn to be a lady and not a Ratchet.

Have you caught your self in situations with people and realize you ain't got no manners? well come on in and we will try our best to get rid of that street girl and make you into a pretty house wife.

Every Tuesday and Friday we meet at church at 5:00 p.m.

Please realize that you will be in a church and make sure you cover up your beautiful lady self. If you are not capable we will have amazingly modest dresses for you and your ratchet self.
Why am I like this? Why do guys not take me seriously? How come no girls like me? why do I not have a serious job? how come on one takes me seriously?

Why are you ratchet?

Well chances are your mom never gave you a hug.