Wildcat Weekly Sept. 8th-Sept. 11th

Here's the info for a short week

Applause, thank yous, and acknowledgments

  1. I want to start off by saying "Well Done" to Johnnie and Ryan for their successful EPR segments.
  2. This is just a BIG YOU THANK YOU for all you've done to make August a great start to the year. I hope you were able to catch your breathe this weekend and unwind. We need a few extra days off to recharge our batteries and keep moving forward.
  3. Carol Haman is officially back at work and with one fashionable eye cover. She's like the Madonna of Arkansas; trendsetter, that is!
  4. Tiffany Tupps celebrated her birthday last week.
  5. While they are some schools that are down 25 to 100 students, we continue to be one student above our projected enrollment. That's just awesome! That means we will get additional funding in October and we all get to keep our jobs for the year. Happy dance, happy dance.
  6. Tanyka Wynn was kind enough to let me capture her opening community circle with her students. Within 10 minutes, she is able to have the students recap what they learned the previous day, ask questions about things they are still wondering about, greet their peers, and go over the expectations for the day. Please hang in there with my amauteur Flip Camera video footage.
Mrs. Wynn Video

Housekeeping Items--Short week, long list

And away we go!

  1. Prior to meeting in your GLT meetings this week, please make sure you read the "Welcome to the Unit" pages in your LC unit book.
  2. We are going to develop books for students to publish their work. Fourth and fifth grade will have the options of students completing an electronic book. If you have a particular format in mind, please let Ryan know ASAP.
  3. Achieve time launches this week! Your PBL ideas are exciting. Please make sure to email me your class budget once you and the students have a solid plan of the outcome.
  4. Please email me directly if you would like to be a part of building council. Our first meeting is this Friday from 2:30-3:15PM.
  5. Picture day for students in on Thursday. Dorothy placed the schedule in your mailbox last week.
  6. An assignment in Google Classroom awaits you. Please complete the college sheet prior to Wednesday's staff meeting and bring it with you to the staff meeting.


Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 2:30pm

The Clubhouse

We will continue to map out PBL as a building. Be prepared to share your outcomes, work on the proposed budget, and look at your proposed project based unit plan.

Wed. PD

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 2:30pm

The Clubhouse

1. Complete ROAR tickets and postcards in the first few minutes.

2. Complete your Colllege form prior to the meeting.

3. Ryan will send more info about the learning.

MTSS Committee

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 2:30pm

Room 24

Building Council

Friday, Sep. 11th, 2:30pm

Room 24

There will be a meeting sheet posted for folks to add their topics. Committee members are still needed. Email Lori to be on the committee.

Weekly Inspiration--how would you react?

Elevator Joy Bomb!