How Discipline Should Be Done


Withholding Privileges

  • Is when you tell your child that if she does not cooperate, she will have to give something up she likes. The following are a few things to keep in mind when you use this technique:
    • Never take away something your child truly needs, such as a meal.
    • Choose something that your child values that is related to the misbehavior.

Think before you speak

  • Once you make a rule or promise, stick to it. So be sure you are being realistic. Think if it is really necessary before saying no.

Learn from your mistakes

If you do not handle a situation well the first time, try not to worry about it. Think about what you could have done differently, and try to do it the next time. If you feel you have made a real mistake in the heat of the moment, wait to cool down, apologize to your child, and explain how you will handle the situation in the future. Be sure to keep your promise. This gives your child a good model of how to recover from mistakes.