Sherman Coolidge

By: Ethan Owens

I am nominating Sherman Coolidge into the Civil Rights Hall of Fame

I feel that he should be in the Civil Rights Hall of Fame because he has done so much for the Native American communities and their rights.

He is also one of the most un-recognized civil rights leader today.

Some Facts

  • In the 1920s, Coolidge moved to Colorado, where he served as Canon at the Cathedral of St. John in the wilderness of Denver.
  • Coolidge died in Colorado Springs on January 24, 1932
  • He was buried in Evergreen County, El Paso County, Colorado.
  • Coolidge was nominated as a candidate for Wyoming Citizen of the Century.
  • He was adopted by a Caucasian family.

Committee of One Hundred

In May 1923, Coolidge and other society leaders joined with reformer John Collier founding the American Indian Defense Association, a powerful new lobby in Washington. Writers, artists, anthropologists and reformers who had been working in Indian affairs on a local basis, but who had not participated actively on the national Indian scene formed the organization. This played a huge part in all of the rights that were given to the Native Americans.