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Thursday September 1

Item #1 Finish Worksheet from yesterday.

  • Work on the Practice sheet for Place Value from yesterday.
  • Place it in the tray beneath the word "Math" once you have completed it.
  • If you have already completed this activity, please move on to the next!

Item #2 Place Value Block Initials

1. You are going to go to Blackboard

2. You are going to click on your MATH class.

3. You will click on the CONTENT button on the left side.

4. Choose "Place Value Block Initials"

5. The directions are there for what you need to complete.

6. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and do your best! Have fun!

7. When you have finished, save it to your desktop.

Item #3 New Worksheet

1. Get the mini worksheet from the yellow box at the front of the room.

2. Answer all the questions.

3. Turn it in to the basket located beneath the word "Math."


Choice #1:If you finish everything else, you can go to this link for and practice your multiplication facts. WOO HOO!!!

Choice #2: You can also choose to do the number match activity with a partner. These are the green cards we did earlier in class. Work together to find all of the matching cards!