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The Skyview website (here) contains a reference chart of instructional staff office hours as well as the weekly special areas option menu. The Special Areas option menu contains great activities for a brain break. These are designed to be high-interest and engaging. ( I am personally coloring the dolphin that Mrs. Roese posted!)

The Skyview staff recognizes the challenges of helping students settle into an at-home learning routine. We are here to help! Please continue to reach out to school counselors, teachers, support staff and administration - we will connect via email or phone and assist.

Our school district is on spring break from April 8 - 13. I encourage our families to take a break from school work during this time. I came across this quote the other day, "If you want to find happiness, find gratitude." (S. Maraboli) I am grateful for our Skyview families who support their children in learning every day, to our staff who are finding ways to reach out to students and to teach in a difficult time and for being part of a school community that supports each other.

Be kind, stay safe and be well,

Mrs. Gorla

Attendance Reminder

It is important to have your child submit their daily attendance no later than 12 noon.Students submit attendance for the day through the provided Google Classroom for daily attendance Instructions can be found here.

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