My Goals

Malachi Simpson

Reading Goal

My reading goal is to keep an 85% or higher in ELA . I will achieve this goal by listening in class, asking questions when I don't understand , and always complete my homework.

My Math Goal

My math goal this year is to improve my knowledge of multiplication facts. I will do this by practicing multiplication flashcards and especially memorizing my 8s and 9s facts. To keep up with my progress I will do timed multiplication tests.

Other Ideas

-to solve word problems on my own

- to make less careless mistakes

- to understand fractions

- to understand and correctly complete division problems

-to consistently make great grades on tests and quizzes

My Personal Goal

My goal is to get good grades in both classes. I will achieve this goal by doing what my teachers tell me to do, and study for a test that we will have in anything.

My behavior Goal

My goal is to behave in class while the teacher is teaching . I will achieve this goal by not playing or talking while the teacher is talking.