Ecology Scavenger Hunt

Akiko Kuno, Rishika Vaidya 7th Period

Biotic and Abiotic

The guys are biotic and their shirts would be abiotic

Autotroph vs. Heterotroph

Autotrophs make their own food and heterotrophs don't

Predator and prey relationship

The bear is the preditor and the bunny is the prey
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Food chain

The sun gives energy to the producer and the primary consumer eats the producer and the secondary consumer eats the primary consumer and the tertiary consumer eats the secondary consumer
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Carbon cycle

Heterotrophs breathe out the CO2, the fire burns up and creates CO2, driving the cars burn up more fossil fuels and create more CO2, and the fireplace creates CO2 and go through the chimney into atmosphere. Autotrophs get out the CO2 from atmosphere for photosynthesis.
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Nitrogen cycle

Dead cockroach and dog's waste get back the nitrogen into the soil, and the tree and fungi make the nitrogen usable.
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Water cycle

Transpiration is the direction of the water from the plants to the sky. Evaporation is the direction of the water going from ground or ocean. Condensation is the direction of the water from the clouds to clouds. Precipitation is the direction of the rain or snow come from the clouds to the ground.
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