Counselor's Corner

November 2019

College Applications

Counselors require a two week processing window for Naviance. This timeline ensures that all supplemental materials will reach the post-secondary institutions in a timely manner. For example, for applications with a December 1st deadline, students should (1) apply to the school via Common App, school website, or Coalition AND (2) request supplemental materials via Naviance by November 15th.

Deadlines that occur over winter break through the first week of January must be requested in Naviance by December 9th.

School Counselors vs. School Based Therapist

Hampton High School now has a part-time school based therapist from Family Behavioral Resources (FBR). Take a look at the chart below to learn about the different roles of the school counselor and school based therapist and how both work together to provide supports for students. If you are interested in FBR, please contact your school counselor.

Big picture

Scholarship Resources

Scholar Snapp

Scholar Snapp is relatively new scholarship program to consider to assist with the scholarship search and application process. With Scholar Snapp, students can save time by reusing their information — including contact details, essays, transcripts, etc. — from one application to another. Students can fill out one application and simply import it, or “snapp” it, to their Scholar Snapp profile.

Filling out all of those scholarship applications can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Scholar Snapp, apply in a fraction of the time — it’s fast, easy, and free. Plus, it connects to the Common Application so information that you complete in Common App can be synced directly to Scholar Snapp.

Connecting with Scholar Snapp


Raise.Me allows students to earn "micro-scholarships" from colleges for their accomplishments, beginning as early as 9th grade. Students complete their RaiseMe Portfolio by adding each of their course grades, club involvement, sports, volunteer activities, and more. For each achievement, students can earn a micro-scholarships from colleges they're "Following," the sum of which they'll be awarded when they attend that college. RaiseMe also has resources for students to research colleges and "follow" them
Learn How RaiseMe Works

Tutoring Resources

HHS offers a variety of options for tutoring.

  1. Check with teachers. Often, teachers have availability to meet with students to review questions and prepare for upcoming assessments.
  2. After School Tutoring is available in Math, Biology, and Literature from 2:45-3:45
    Math: Tuesdays (Room C310) and Thursdays (Room G724)
    Biology: Wednesdays (Room C310)
    Literature: Thursdays (Room C310)
  3. National Honor Society Peer Tutoring. Please see your counselor for more information.

Study Skills 101

Great article in the Wall Street Journal about note taking, the pros/cons of handwritten vs electronic and what to do AFTER the notes have been taken. Article linked above!