Fashion Designer

Yeymy Ramirez Vicente


I would like to be a fashion designer because I find it fun and I love designing things the way I like

work Environment

The work Environment of a fashion designer can be indoors and outdoors depends on what kind of job your doing. There is no specific cloths you should wear but it has to be formal. Than there's as well individual and group work if your a starter than most likely you will be working in a group with professional people until your ready.

Fashion Designers

training and education

A degree is required to become a Fashion Designer as well requires three years of training which involves on-the-job experience and informal training with experience workers.

job description

the salary of a fashion designer is $64.030 annual and $30.78 hourly .Growth opportunities are of a 2% to 4%.The responsibilities of a fashion designer is to of course design costumes for the preforming arts there are as well people who are in charge of the accessory's are in charge of selling the items made


Do you still have a interest in pursuing this career after completing your research? Why/why not.

I still have and interest in pursuing this career after completing my research .Yes because it sounds fun,exiting ,interesting and plus it has a good salary. Plus who would not want to take this career