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Hello there! My name is Igor Cecez and after many years spent in banking business I decided to change my job and try something completely different - I wanted to start working from home.

The home based business industry is always changing. What worked just a few years ago may not always work today. That’s why it’s so important to find the right company, the right system, AND the right TEAM.

Now let me introduce you to a company and income earning system that may change your life for good!

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What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is one of the fastest growing revenue sharing companies in the market. In fact, TM uses a hybrid model, it’s a revenue sharing advertising platform combined with PTC and traffic exchange. It’s a completely new model which proves to be highly effective since it’s launch (Oct.2014) more than 1.500.000 people registered to the website. In practice TM was established to provide high quality advertisement services for affordable prices and share its revenues for a perfect win-win combination.
Traffic Monsoon - Introduction video

Traffic Monsoon Strategy: How to Earn Money using TM?

In fact there are 4 different ways you can make money via Traffic Monsoon.

  • 1st Method – THE FREE WAY: You can click on “cash links” on the membership dashboard to earn money by simply viewing other members offers. To maximize the earning through this free method you can refer other people to the site and if they click their cash links, you will receive 100% commissions from your referrals! To qualify for these referral earnings you have to click at least 10 ads every day.
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  • 2nd Method – SEND TRAFFIC TO YOUR EXISTING BUSINESSES: It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you have or participate in, the extra traffic you receive through TM will help you to get more leads, referrals, customers and purchases online. Traffic Monsoon has multiple services that will help you to get in touch with your targeted audience. Just to mention a few of these services: PPC service with or without a sharing position, login ads, banner ads, traffic rotator, start pages and more.
  • 3rd Method – REVENUE SHARING: When members purchasing advertising services, TM shares the earnings from these purchases with all the other members who have at least one active sharing position and clicked a minimum of 10 ads in one day. These revenue sharing positions are included with the ad pack purchase for $50 which not only gives you rev. sharing up to $55 but also 1000 visitors for your website and 20 click to your banners. If you have all these, you are qualified to receive sharing for 24 hours.
  • 4th Method – REFERRAL SALES: You will receive 10% commission from your referrals who makes a purchase. It can be through a Traffic Monsoon payment processor (PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, Payza) or via the account balance, you will always receive this 10% instantly to your account.

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It's FREE to sign up and with Traffic Monsoon there are no monthly subscriptions, ongoing fees or any hidden costs. This is a unique and unbelievable opportunity not to be missed!

Low Budget Strategy: Smart Reinvesting:

I know that not everybody can afford to start with a lot of ad packs, and I also used this very good strategy to start the business. By following this simple plan you will slowly build up your balance and buy more and more ad packs just from your earnings:

You buy 1 ad-pack today for $50, one week later you will have $7-8 on your account balance (based on the current ad pack pay rate). The next week you buy another pack but this time you pay $43 from your pocket the other $7 from the TM account balance.

Another week later you pay $35 from your pocket and the rest $15 from account balance and so on. When you reach the 10 ad pack mark you’ll receive $50 every 5 day and from this point the progress is way faster. It really doesn’t matter how small you start as far as you make some progress, you are on the right way!

Starting with 1 pack is a lot better than never starting at all because of the fear of low returns!

Advanced Strategy: How to Earn the Most?

If you choose the smart route and compound your earnings (repurchasing from your TrafficMonsoon account balance) it will grow a lot faster than you may think now.

So the main strategy you should follow is to repurchase an ad pack every time your earnings reach $50. Start with as many ad pack as you can but a minimum of 5-10 and reinvest with 100% of you earnings until you are satisfied with the daily results.

For example: if you start with 10 ad-packs, you are able to repurchase an active sharing position on every 5th day, as the earnings are around $1.07/day/adpack since last year. The more you start with the more you can repurchase in a shorter period of time and the faster you’ll reach your final goal whether it’s $10 a day, $100 a day or even $1000+ a day!

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Payments & Withdrawal Options

All withdraw request are processed within 24 hours but there are cases where you receive your money instantly! First time you can request a cash out when you have a minimum of $2 in your account.

The minimum threshold will increase by $1 until it’s reaches $10. So the second time you request a withdrawal you need $3 in your account the next time $4 and so on until it’s reaches $10. There are 3 payment processors at the moment: PayPal, SolidTrustPay and Payza. Withdrawal fees are set to 2% on Paypal and 0% on STP and Payza.

Freebies & Bonuses

BONUS #1: If you are not a Traffic Monsoon member yet and consider to join the revenue sharing, if you start with 1 pack and continue buying packs by compounding your earnings, I will give you 1 extra ad-pack for FREE (that's 50$ in value) as soon as you reach 10 ad-pack.

BONUS #2: Personal support and fresh updates to help you understand everything completely.

BONUS #3: Traffic Monsoon earnings calculator to find out how much you can earn in different situations.

How you will receive your bonuses?

Right after you reach the 10 ad-pack mark, you have to send me a message including your PayPal ID to claim your gift. You can send me a message from the main Traffic Monsoon dashboard or reply to the e-mail I’ll send you after you signed up and verified your account. You will receive the other bonuses on email.

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