State of Texas VS Johnson

By: Connor P, Madalyne S, Nnedi O, Drake D


(Connor) I think that Johnson's actions were unreasonable under any circumstances, and that he should not of gotten off so easily for what he did. When I hear freedom of speech, I believe that you should be able to voice your opinions as long as they don't offend others, but I wouldn't think that vandalism like that would fall under that category. I think he should of at least gotten his original charges of a year and jail and a fine of $2,000, because he could of injured spectators in the fire.
(Drake) I simultaneously agree and disagree with the the Supreme Court's ruling. I agree with the fact that he was expressing his strong opinion on the topic. However, I find his actions very unreasonable. I do not have strong opinions on anything, really, but literally burning the thing you dislike, maybe even hate, is kind of ridiculous. Even if he didn't harm anyone, it is still incredibly disrespectful for the nation and those who gave their lives for the well-being of the country.
(Nnedi) I feel that Gregory Lee Johnson's actions were out of proportions and unexceptable. Burning a flag shows that you truly don't care about about your country and want it to burn down. He should of gone to jail, for he pretty much showed that he wants America to burn down. I don't care that he said that it was "Symbolic Speech", that means nothing to me. I say, that he goes to jail for three years and to top that off have a fine of $6,000. (I don't like this man AT ALL!)
(Madalyne) I think Johnson's actions were a little out of line. Burning an American flag just because he doesn't like Ronald Reagan and Walter Mandole is uncalled for. I feel that he shouldn't of gotten off the hook that easily, he should of gone to jail at least for a couple of years or gotten a fine. I don't understand why burning a flags is the most reasonable explanation. I mean burning an American flag shows that he really doesn't like his country and everyone fighting for his and our freedom.

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