Greek Mythology

Goddess of...

  • agriculture
  • grain
  • corn
  • bread
  • law and order
  • fruits/vegetables
Demeter is often shown in sculpture, photo, and drawing holding wheat, corn, and a torch.


  • Daughter of Cronus and Rhea
  • Mother of Persephone

Known For...

creating an eternal winter because her daughter Persephone was kidnapped. When she was kidnapped she was taken to the underworld. In order to get her back Demeter agreed to let Persephone stay in the underworld for half the year (winter/fall) and be on earth for the other half (spring/summer).

Relation to...


Because Demeter is the goddess of grain, agriculture, etc. she is often related to Thanksgiving. Thanks giving celebrates the colonization of America but also the harvest. In Greek Mythology the harvest is due to Demeter.

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