Body Systems

The Human Mind

Physical apperance and location

I, the brain, look like half a sphere with bumps all around. The bottom half has dashes and bumps all on it, while the top half is round. I am located in the cranium, or commonly know as the head!

Spinal Cord

The Spinal Cord sends electrical impulses that carry out the brains message to the body. It carries the message down the back and the legs. It tells the body how to move and function properly.

5 Functions of the Brain

The Brain directs all body systems and body parts. It stores memories in the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex. The Brain sends messages throughout the body using electric impulses. It ism made up of 75% water. The Brain weighs about three pounds.

5 Facts about my department

1. It sends messages by electrical waves.

2. Divide into central system and peripheral system.

3. The central nervous system has the Brain, Spinal Cord, and the Retina.

4. The peripheral nervous system has the nervous tissue.

5. The two categories are nuerons and gliol cells.

Body System Function

I am located in the Nervous system, which is also in the cranium. The Nervous system is basically the boss of the body. It tells what the body what to do, how to move, and almost everything else.

Impotance of Me

I, by far, am the most importaint organ in the body. Without me the body would have no idea what to do, the systems couldn't even rememeber thier own names. I also send a message to a another system if it needs to fix something. Another reason im importaint is because without me, the body wouldn't know whatr to do if the internal tempature got to high, or tow low. If the internal tempature gets to high or low, the body could die

Effect of Removing the Brain

If I were removed from the Nervous system, a bunch of things would go wrong! First of all, the Nervous system would not remember anything, so it would have no idea what to do. Also the other systems would not receive a message from the Nervous system telling them what to do. So the overall health of the body would be horrible! The systems would not know how to respond to stimuli without me!


The nervous system and endocrine system are interdependent on each other. They need each other to send messages out to the body. Without they nervous system the endocrine system wouldn’t know when to send out messages. The Nervous system would send a message to the Endocrine system telling it to send out Hormones to the body. So the Endocrine system wouldn’t know to send hormones out because the Nervous system couldn’t tell it to. Also the Nervous system couldn’t tell the body what to do because the Endocrine system couldn’t send out the hormones.

If I Were Removed

If the brain is removed from the nervous system, the body would go into a lockdown mode. You would fall into a coma and get Parkinson’s disease. Your brain would stop making dopamine resulting in failure in memorization, and you would have a very difficult time moving your body, mostly your arms, legs, hands, and feet.

More Interdependence

Without the Nervous system other systems would also not work. For instance, if the body got cold the Nervous system would send a message to the Endocrine system to tell it to the body to react to the cold, and produce some heat. Also another system that depends on the Nervous system is the Muscular system. Again if the body got cold, the Nervous system would send a message to the Muscular system to tell it to shiver the muscles so that heat could be produced! That proves the interdependence of the body on the Nervous system.

How About Them instead?

Remove the appendix instead of me. All it does is break down food which can be removed without health issues. Without me your body would fall into a coma and get Parkinson’s disease. They normally burst anyway, why don’t you remove it before it bursts.